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I can't believe I caved

January 6th, 2005

(no subject) @ 12:09 am

p.s. Yea, I know what Drew meant about me changing after first semester of college. I was such a self-contrived piece of shit on here back in the day. I guess I'll try to attribute that to uhm...stupidities of youth? Okay, so its just stupidity, and I haven't lost much of that since, lol

(no subject) @ 12:06 am

What I'm Listening To: Blues Traveler - Hook

How many fucking times have to returned to this thing over the space of like 10 months? Needless to say, its probably good if no one expects me to stick around. I seem to have a habit of doing so. God, I'm just on a nostalgic kick of high school memories, even though I hated that place. How do people survive it? I think I've managed to block a good majority from my memory. Well..i probably blocked the good stuff too, since I think I'm still stuck with the mistakes in there. Sorry to everyone ever involved. *sighs* Maybe this is the effect of long exposure to the home environment. I moved off campus into a house this past semester, so life up there is like...soooo damn nice. Past few weeks have kind of sucked, and I still hope I have a chance of being on my housemate's good sides. Lot of...crap happened before break, and yea, I have to pay the price for all of it. I guess either I can make it up to everyone or I can't, but I don't think I've ever been spiteful toward any of them, so we'll see.

Yeah, I know, I'm such a fucking hippocrite sometimes, bitching about online journals and then using one again. But yea. We'll see what happens. I'll be posting more in a short short while I'm sure.

January 5th, 2005

(no subject) @ 11:50 pm

Holy shit in a...uhm...easter basket. What the hell is with all the old fighting? Uhm, hey iBrad and melissa, I'm sorry I was ever such a prick to either of you. Christ...to think that all of that was once something to rant about....oy man, just strange. I hated high school years...

(no subject) @ 11:26 pm

Current Emotional State: optimistic optimistic
What I'm Listening To: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone

Well, what to say...I guess I'm sort of caving in on this whole online journal thing, just because I'm so damn bored of sitting around doing nothing with hardly anyone to talk to. lol. Break is always a bit dull. Yeah, uhm...i forget the last time i used this thing. But yea, i'm a senior at LHU now, got enough credits to be classified as one, though I'll still be there an extra semester at least due to the double major thing. On top of the whole writing and music thing I picked up a habit for drawing just recently.

Oh well...I'll try to actually post a bit. And to all the people from ages ago...nice to see you're all out there. IRC is a very dead place the last rare time i checked in on it. lol

June 15th, 2003

Ok...does anyone still have me as a friend on here? @ 06:05 pm

If you do, I'm pleasantly shocked. In any case, uhm...I stumbled here because I was looking for another weblog for a potentionally masochistic woman who is apparently bothering a relative...cute, eh? Anyways, what's up all? Yeah, I'm still here...haven't used cyberblade for a name in god knows how long. Anyways, just bought a new guitar. Midnight blue Ibanez....uhm...i really dunno what exact model, all i know is that well...i like it...lol, sounds a lot better than my POS Samick strat I've been meaning to pawn for awhile now. Finally can play Tears in Heaven...the correct way. yay, my dreams are fulfilled, I've come full circle. LOL, anyways....drop a message, I'd be happy to reply.

May 20th, 2001

Of the recent days of fun, life, friendship, and ummm, pissyness? @ 09:39 pm

I'm so bored, so that's why I'll write. Don't really know what to say, but has that ever really mattered? The band trip was last week. Went to Boston, and it was fun. Saw the Boston Pops, and the Blue Man Group (fuck I felt bad that night and the music almost made me pass out. Maybe it was just that, but it was the equivalent to vocal torture). Let me see, my idiot friends smoked in the rooms after putting forth an ingenious plan of blocking smoke detectors. Funny, I don't think I've seen any of them think so hard about other matters. Aside from that not too much happened...well, besides the fact that my ex and 2 of my female friends attacked me with perfume one day. Tried to avoid it, but only ended up jumping into a wall and getting sprayed anyway. Let's see, ummm, Boston Pops was about the coolest thing. John Williams conducted, so it was interesting to see. Basically the band trip was where problems began, but that's a whole 'nother story completely. For all of you who don't know (like I haven't told a hundred people already), I get to go to college for the summer at the University of Scranton for a course in creative writing and songwriting. Pretty neat since I'm going to dorm there. Preview to actual college life I suppose. Other than that life is the ordinary. Ordinary being me as completely alone for the most part. Used to it though. Actually I'm halfway between pissed and happiness. Strange, eh? But I guess that concludes this episode of the journal. See you all laters. And I guess I'm back. Until i get bored and leave again that is.

Bored and damn damn damn @ 09:15 pm

Current Emotional State: stressed stressed
What I'm Listening To: Footloose

Today was so damn...pointless. I think I'm gonna stay up till midnight or so just because I can. I want to go to sleep, but I know I can't because i have too much other stuff to do for tomorrow. Only 3 more weeks of school, then summer will be here and I'll be able to relax. Come on people, post some damn comments, i don't like talkin to myself for no reason, although i do that enough in person ;p Projects are almost due and I still gotta do two reports. But anyways, I just want to be done with this. When summer comes I'm gonna be so glad. No more school and no more work. Just relaxation and writing and summer college thingo. That'll be the life...I hope. Next year I'll be a senior. Thank God, I want to get out of this goddamn school place. Its pissing me off, even my friends I doubt I'll miss too much. It'll be nice to be free of bloody courses I hate with a passion.

May 19th, 2001

(no subject) @ 06:49 pm

Appear to have lost my damn ring too. How nice. Well, there goes some more wasted money.

December 31st, 2000

New Years Eve @ 02:30 pm

Current Emotional State: stuffed

isn't it great to be stuffed till you feel like you're gonna explode...well...maybe not...

Chinese Food @ 12:00 pm

Current Emotional State: hungry hungry

I don't give a damn what its made of, it tastes yummmmmmmy, and i can't wait to eat some today. As Gabe said, "How can a billion people be wrong?"

Random Musings

I can't believe I caved